OAGi Unveils New Look

OAGi Unveils New Look

ATLANTA, GA, USA, July 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- OAGi is pleased to announce a new look for the organization and its suite of interoperability resources. Since 1995 “OAGIS” has been synonymous with enterprise messaging. However, OAGi’s leadership revisited who they are as an organization, what they do, what they offer, naming, branding, and people’s perceptions. "A couple years ago we described OAGi as the developers of the world's most comprehensive canonical standard for enterprise business transactions.'" said CEO, Jim Wilson. "We've reconsidered this way of describing our organization. We connect people, software, systems and applications, and business processes. Furthermore, we connect other standards with one another. In short, we connect." This “connect” theme and messaging now exists throughout OAGi branding and storytelling. OAGIS is now called connectSpec. Score is now called connectCenter. Express Packs are called connectKits.

“We’ve been working with our member community for years now to increase or level of standards interoperability across the board and within several industries” says Vice President of Operations, Michael Figura. “We started years ago with our support for EDI and have since made major advancements in our interoperability with other standards such as S-Series, MTConnect, and QIF.” It’s clear that connectSpec (OAGIS) is quickly becoming the key to enabling integration, living at the heart of the enterprise standards world.

What does the future hold for OAGi regarding further upcoming achievements for its standards and technologies? “We’re focused entirely on what our members and customers need most” says Wilson. “You can expect great things to come including mapping-related technologies, improved security-related enhancements, and even AI powered integration features. These exciting technologies combined will further improve our position as the most effective tool suite for enterprise integration and messaging.”

OAGi is a non-profit organization with the mission to continuously improve interoperability through business process models, data standards, documentation, tools, best practices, and training.

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