Frequently Asked Questions About Membership and our Standards

Skepticism is the first step in good decision making. Don't worry. We've heard just about every question under the sun over the past 30 years. And, more importantly, we've listened! If you have a question that you can't find an answer to here, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you and your team may need answering.

What is the ultimate benefit of joining OAGi?

What is the value of using a canonical integration pattern?

How many organizations use connectSpec (OAGIS) worldwide?

What is the best adoption approach for a company?

My company does not have the resources to implement something like connectSpec (OAGIS). Why even consider it?

Would an connectSpec (OAGIS) implementation require a great deal of governance and documentation?

connectSpec (OAGIS) appears to have a steep learning curve. Will it lead to a delay in our project?

My company is not sophisticated enough to use connectSpec (OAGIS), so why bother?

Do the connectSpec (OAGIS) schemas change often? Will my company need to keep upgrading our integrations to keep up with the latest schemas?

Is my company likely to encounter integration messages of types not covered by the connectSpec (OAGIS) standard?

Would my company end up storing more data and metadata per message using OAGi than using alternatives?

When working with third-party software solutions, would OAGi recommend using or not using connectSpec (OAGIS) for B2B communication?

Does connectSpec (OAGIS) include fields to support message tracking, data analytics, and exception handling?

Will connectSpec (OAGIS) be too complicated for my company’s suppliers and customers to use?

Would connectSpec (OAGIS) require us to rework all our integrations?

What would my company learn from OAGi that would apply to our business?

So, is connectSpec (OAGIS) something that only big companies use in specific projects?