Chem eStandards is an XML schema and supporting documentation and tools. The schema specifies over seventy messages developed to support the chemical and agriculture industries. Chem eStandards are widely used in those industries to support supply chain operations. Despite Chem eStandards' continued relevance, there has been no recent developments as future message development is being done in connectSpec.


Chem eStandards version 6.0.0


Key additions and changes

  • Correct minor discrepancies present in versions 4 through 5.4.

  • Adjust naming and design rule implementation to support alignment with ISO 15000-5, which paves the way for OAGi Score use.

  • Added six new messages to support seed-related processes in agriculture:

    • ProductReturnsRequest

    • ProductTransfersRequest

    • ProductTransfersResponse

    • SeedReplantClaim

    • LicenseZoneRequest

    • LicenseZoneResponse

Chem eStandards versions 2.0.0 through 5.4.0


Naming note

Over the years an number of names have been used to refer to Chem eStandards. The following table explains the most common.

Name Industry1 Official2 Timeframe
Chem eStandards Chemical and agriculture 2001 - present
CIDX Standards Chemical Never. Just descriptive.
ChemXML Chemical ~1999 - 2001
AgGateway Open Standard Agriculture 2014 - present
Ag eStandards Agriculture ~2005 - 2014
AgGateway Standards Agriculture Never. Just descriptive.


1The industry in which the name for Chem eStandards was commonly used.

2Official in this content refers to CIDX/OAGi or AgGateway declaring the name of what is now Chem eStandards to be something. For the agriculture industry, the name meant that AgGateway rebranded (and distributed) Chem eStandards to be used within the industry with permission from CIDX/OAGi.