OAGi releases connectSpec 10.10 and connectCenter 3.2

OAGi releases connectSpec 10.10 and connectCenter 3.2

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ATLANTA, GA, USA, December 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- OAGi releases connectSpec 10.10 (OAGIS 10.10). This release introduces several updates, including some eagerly awaited BODs (messages) and nouns such as Scale Ticket, Solicitation (based on DFAR form 1447/22), and Sales Party Master. connectSpec 10.10 adds support for the S-Series specification S3000L with the new Integrated Product Support Analysis message type.

“This is the biggest and most impactful connectSpec release in months, made possible by the work we’ve been doing with OAGi members like Lockheed Martin and Land O’ Lakes” says OAGi CEO, Jim Wilson.

Additionally, OAGi released connectSpec 10.10.1, introducing two additional nouns: Applicability Statement for S-Series, and Quality Information Document for further interoperability with QIF. OAGi members continue to drive use-case based requirements for connectSpec with advancements being made in several directions.

OAGi’s rapid release cycle continues this month with version 3.2 of connectCenter. OAGi members can prepare for more features, more horsepower, and more of everything they love about maintaining a disciplined interoperability capability while quickly producing context-profiled schemas and API definitions.

The connectCenter 3.2 includes updates to how users express their messages as RESTful APIs, saving integration teams hours controlling every aspect of their API specification details. connectCenter 3.2 also adds personalization features. Users can now customize connectCenter’s color scheme according to their team's preferences.

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