Chief Architect Announcement

Chief Architect Announcement

Oracle's Michael Rowell steps down as OAGi's Chief Architect.

October 31, 2019

Effective 01 Oct 2019, Oracle's Michael Rowell is stepping down as OAGi's Chief Architect. Michael has served in this role for nineteen years. Michael, along with founding OAGi President & CEO David Connelly, led OAGi to produce the world's most comprehensive enterprise canonical standard, OAGIS, with implementations around the world and across myriad industries. Michael led the transition of OAGIS from DTDs to XML Schema, and then another transition to align the underlying OAGIS model and schema production to ISO 15000-5 (UN/CEFACT CCTS 3.0). Michael oversaw the integration of Oracle's AIA/EBO contribution to OAGi. Finally, Michael led OAGi's successful partnership with NIST in developing an ISO 15000-5-compliant prototype tool designed to accelerate interoperability–a truly groundbreaking achievement.

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