IOF Collaboration Tools

We use a number of collaboration tools as follows:

Confluence – all documents and working group minutes are recorded in Confluence. To get access and get involved in the IOF effort please follow the instructions provided here.

Jira – all issues regarding any IOF working group “constructs” are recorded and addressed primarily through Jira. Acess to Jira is members only. The link to all the ongoing projects in Jira can be found here

Slack – there is a Slack site with channels for the different working groups and technical discussions. Please send request to this email address.

Mobi – we are encouraging development of IOF ontologies in the Mobi collaboration tool.

GitHub – there is a central GitHub repository that contains all the ontologies of the working groups. The repository can be found here

Teleconferences – weekly or biweekly teleconferences are organised and use BlueJeans.