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The Chem eStandards are intended to help improve the ease, speed, and cost of conducting business electronically in the chemical industry.

CIDX believes there is substantial benefit to be gained by developing and adopting standards-based data interchanges that can be applied to the entire chemicals trading community.

  Chem eStandards Use Report - Draft

The OAGi Chemical Industry Council invites your input on the Draft Chem eStandards Use Report. The report will enable the council to provide appropriate input to the OAGIS X project and help focus Chem eStandards-to-OAGIS mapping activities. Send your feedback to

  Chem eStandards Business Process Guidelines v1.0

Business Process Guidelines (BPGs) document common business processes in the chemical industry. They are intended to provide context for message use.

  Envelope and Security Specifications

The Envelope & Security Specification provides details for implementing the messaging-services aspects of an eBusiness solution. It is NOT intended for business or technical people responsible for implementing support for message content. (Note: Although the latest version of Chem eStandards is version 4.0, the latest version of this specification remains at version 3.0.)

  Implementation Accelerator

Looking for ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to get a trading partner on board? Download the Implementation Accelerator. CIDX members have developed a proven methodology and set of tools to help companies implement the Chem eStandards faster and cheaper.

The Implementation Accelerator is divided into phases: Plan, Assess, Enable, Test, and Go-Live. Each phase has specific tools, templates, and real-world suggestions contributed by members.

If you are looking to substantially reduce the time and effort associated with implementing the Chem eStandards, download the latest version now. Once the WinZip file is downloaded, please extract all the files to a new folder on your hard drive or network. This will create a set of phase folders, with each tool in a folder based on when this tool will typically be initiated. If you try to open individual files directly from the zip file, you may encounter problems with the use of the tools.

  White Papers

  Miscellaneous Downloads

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