OAGi Releases IOF Ontology Version 202301

Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 08 February 2023

OAGi has released the 202301 suite of IOF Ontology that includes IOF Core in the Released status and the Spply Chain and the Maintenance Reference Ontologies in the Provisional Status. Please consult the README file for the detail of the release. It is available for immediate download at IOF Release 202301.

IOF Core is a foundation for domain ontologies such as maintenance and supply chain. IOF Core represents thousands of person-hours of development, review, refinement, and quality-checking. IOF has established processes modeled after the proven approach used by the EDM Council for the collaborative development, testing, and publication of a number of industry ontologies, including the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) and the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP). The 202301 release also contains the maintenance and the supply chain reference ontologies in the provisional state. Please consult the README file for the detail of the release.

“This first release of IOF Core represents a milestone in knowledge graph support for industrial data,” said Stephen Kahmann, Co-Founder and CEO of Crown Point Technologies. “It is the result of dedicated efforts of some of the world's most respected ontologists. Crown Point Technologies have partnered with Cambridge Semantics using their Anzo knowledge graph platform to pilot the IOF Core in data analysis use cases with our customers in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The IOF Core has proven to provide a successful foundation for representing process knowledge and data in that domain as it clearly organizes common industrial concepts, saving us time when working with our customers.”

“Several global manufacturers have eagerly awaited the release of IOF Core,” said Chris Will, IOF’s Core Working Chair. “This release marks the beginning of applying collaboratively developed ontologies in manufacturing. It is a game-changer.”

IOF will constantly improve IOF Core while working on domain ontologies based on it. IOF invites organizations to contribute to industrial ontology work.

OAGi (Open Applications Group, Inc.) is a non-profit organization with the mission to continuously improve interoperability through business process models, data standards, documentation, tools, best practices, and training.

IOF (Industrial Ontologies Foundry) is an OAGi organizational unit with the mission to create a core ontology and a set of domain ontologies that span digital manufacturing. IndustrialOntologies.org.