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The Chem eStandards are intended to help improve the ease, speed, and cost of conducting business electronically in the chemical industry.

CIDX believes there is substantial benefit to be gained by developing and adopting standards-based data interchanges that can be applied to the entire chemicals trading community.

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Chem eStandards 4.0 highlights
  • The Starter Edition features a subset of Chem eStandards representing the most frequently used Chem eStandards messages and supporting material. The Starter Edition supports basic aspects of the order-to-invoice process and is intended for new Chem eStandards users and includes:
    • OrderCreate (purchase order from buyer to seller)
    • OrderResponse (purchase order response from seller to buyer)
    • OrderChange (purchase order change from buyer to seller)
    • ShipNotice (ship notice from seller to buyer)
    • Invoice (invoice from seller to buyer)
  • The Starter Edition includes the following components:
    • Overview Document
    • Chem eStandards License Agreement
    • W3C XML Schemas (format specification for messages)
    • Sample XML Instance Documents (sample files, or messages)
    • Printable Data Dictionary (detailed description of the schema parts)
    • Interactive Data Dictionary (browser-based)
    • General Documentation (in one PDF file)
  • The Complete Edition is intended for advanced users or users already familiar with Chem eStandards. Complete Edition contains all of the Chem eStandards components listed in the next section.

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