Chairman, OAGi

Nigel King
Vice-President, Oracle

Nigel is head of Functional Architecture for Oracle Fusion Applications. In this role he brings together expertise from across the enterprise footprint to enable the features from the different product lines acquired by Oracle to merge in Fusion.

Nigel is a 16 year veteran of Oracle. Nigel's core skills are in Enterprise Architectures, database design, full lifecycle management of applications development.

Nigel brings together a professional background that covers Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution with a software background that covers sales implementation and development. His legacy with OAGi covers content from Engineering Changes, Electronic Catalogs, Collaborative Planning and Risk and Control libraries.

Immediate Past Chair, OAGi

Garret Minakawa
Director, Application Integration Architecture

Garret is responsible for managing Product Strategy, Product Management, Development, Product Architecture and Quality Assurance for Oracle’s enterprise object and service library – a central component of the corporate application integration solution. Also responsible for B2B Product Strategy and Product Management.

Garret also has division-wide strategy and governance of standards development activities.

Policy Board Member, OAGi

Pamela Webber
EB2B Manager, Cisco Systems
Manager, Business Process Design, Cisco Systems

Pamela Webber joined Cisco in 2007 as an Enterprise B2B Business Process Design Manager, responsible for collaborating with large Cisco entities on the standardization of integration solutions; having 25+ years of IT and solutions development; with areas of experience including banking financials, and broad supply chain process management, with several years of distributor focused process optimization.

She has presented at numerous industry events, been featured in industry publications, and recognized with several awards for supply chain innovation. Pamela has a bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Pat O’Connor
Infor Global Solutions

Pat is responsible for the XML data structures that are used as the standard method of communicating between applications using the ION environment. Pat has been with Infor for 20 years through a series of acquisitions.

He serves as an technical expert with UN/CEFACT and has experience in Enterprise Architecture, data structures and development. Pat focuses on pragmatic solutions that provide value and are easily implemented and used.

Chief Executive Officer

David Connelly
CEO, Open Applications Group, Inc.

David joined OAGi in 1996 as their Chief Technology Officer.  He brought software engineering principles to the organization because of his background building software for end user and ISV's.  He became CEO in 1998 when the founder of OAGi, Paul Margolis, moved on to his venture capital interests.

During David's tenure, the Open Applications Group has become the thought leader in the design and development of  business process interoperability standards.  The organization has also achieved aggressive goals of working to bring customers, application software vendors, technology software vendors, and systems integrators together to build a best practices industry model for eBusiness and business application software integration.