OAGi Meeting Hosted by Oracle

On 7-8 November OAGi continues a long tradition of a November/December meeting at Oracle. This year OAGi hold its plenary meeting at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood City, California, USA. The group will focus on two main topics: 1) blockchain and 2) context-driven message profiling. To register and learn more, go to our meeting registration page. The plenary day on 7 November will be followed by working groups & working sessions on the Oracle campus on 8 November.

Blockchain has taken the information-technology world by storm and is on its way to becoming a household word. Few business people, let alone the public at large, recognize practical applications of blockchain. Blockchain experts from Oracle and Chronicled are scheduled to present real-world blockchain applications. Oracle is a leader in the application of blockchain technologies to support supply-chain operations. Chronicled has successfully implemented blockchain as a key tool in improving processes for several industries, notably pharmaceuticals.

Context-driven message profiling is a critical company and industry capability in today's fast-paced and integration-challenged business environment. More about that in the next article.