OAGIS 10.7 and Score 2.0 Coming Soon

OAGi members are engaged in a lively effort to process myriad OAGIS change requests submitted by several stakeholders. This effort is exercising a new and evolving standards-development and maintenance process enabled by a pre-release of Score version 2.0. OAGIS 10.7 and Score 2.0 will truly be a milestone achievement for OAGi.

OAGIS 10.7 will add support for:

  • EU REACH and US TSCA regulations

  • Various logistics support requirements, especially for aerospace and defense industries

  • Various internal integration projects by agriculture companies

  • Various agriculture industry needs including Product Catalog, In-Field Product Identification, and tailored integration resources that support grower and ag-retailer supply chain transactions

Score 2.0 adds support for core component management and gives members more options for how they manage urgent emerging requirements.

OAGi looks forward to releasing both resources later in November.