OAGi Releases OAGIS 10.4

Marietta, Georgia, April 23, 2018—The Open Applications Group Inc. (the OAGi) is pleased to announce the release of its next version of OAGIS, its enterprise canonical standard. The Standard Edition is available for free.

OAGi collaborates with leading companies in various industries to promote integrated operations for both inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise business processes, and manages standards development to assist organizations in achieving connectivity and multiple-source integration of inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise business processes.

“We are pleased to announce OAGIS 10.4, including updates to the PartyMaster, CustomerPartyMaster, and SupplierPartyMaster messages; and the Quality update to the Check Inspection Order Status process definition,” said Jim Wilson, OAGi CEO

10.4 supports both XML and JSON syntax, and the updates are a direct result of input from several OAGi members, including ADM, Oracle, Land O’Lakes, Boeing, and ADP.

About OAGi

OAGi is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit open standards-development organization.