OAGi ISO Update

In October 2019, Jim Wilson (OAGi) and Nenad Ivesic (NIST) presented a proposal for a new work item to ISO Technical Committee 154 (ISO/TC 154) for the first of six parts of a new ISO standard. The proposal was a product of the hard work of the OAGi Architecture Committee. The six parts are:

  • Part 1: Architecture
  • Part 2: Adoption of ISO 15000-5 (Core Component Specification)
  • Part 3: Content – Documents
  • Part 4: Content – Platform
  • Part 5: Physical Representation – XSD
  • Part 6: Physical Representation – JSON

The project proposal was accepted by the member states and the project was assigned to Working Group 7 (WG7). The project is on a 36-month standards track, but we are hoping to complete the work sooner. We also intend to propose other parts as soon as possible (there are dependencies among the parts). OAGi welcomes your contribution to the effort. Please indicate your interest by email sent to Member.Services@OAGi.org.