OAGi Releases OAGIS 10.7.2 and Score 2.2

Press Release: The Open Application Group (OAGi) is pleased to announce the release of OAGIS 10.7.2 and Score 2.2.

OAGIS 10.7.2 adds a number of great new features to our standard inclulding:

  • New Publisher, Registration and Finished Goods components.
  • The long awaited new Instructions component, which includes 0 to many instrution steps.
  • The new Mixing Instrutcion and Application Instruction Steps.
  • Several features regarding the new S-Series SX002D and S5000F interoperability initiatives.
  • This and many other new upgrades involving the BOM, Item, Forecasted Quantity, On Hand Inventory, Shipped Sales Order Quantity components and a lot more.
  • View the full release notes here.

Score 2.2 also adds a number of great new features.

  • Score 2.2 includes
    • Where Used functionality has been added. You can immediately see which CCs a particular node is related to in the tree. See details

    • Supplementary components can be excluded from the search with a CC tree as default. It can be turned on/off by a checkbox UI. Similar feature also available on the BIE tree. See details
    • The main changes on the BIE are as follows.

    • You can create a BIE from an End-User CC. See user guide in the Help menu for some restrictions to ensure the consistency between the BIE and CCs as they can still be changed. See details
    • The Reset button was added to the BIE detail pane. It returns BIE data to the initialized CC's data. See details
    • Deprecated CCs are shown as gray background in the BIE tree. See details
    • In addition, UI improvement and bug fixes have been added. Please see 2.2.0 milestone for more details.

The Open Applications Group (OAGi) is a non-profit organization with the mission to reduce the cost of integration by developing inter-operable, cross-functional, cross-industry, data-model-driven, and extensible standards to meet the challenge of a rapidly-changing global digital economy.