OAGi Membership Types

Don't just adopt the world's most powerful canonical object messaging standard. Become an active member of our community and get involved in helping our Enterprise Edition grow.

This page describes the Categories, Benefits, and Privileges of Membership in the Open Applications Group. We welcome any organization, regardless of size or type, to join the Open Applications Group. This includes:

  • Individuals & End-Users
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Solution Providers
  • Government Agencies and Ministries

We also offer many ways to make the dues payment process easier. We accept credit cards, monthly payments, and other payment options to make the dues process simple and easy. If you have any questions, please write to us.

Business Benefits
Technical Benefits
  • Ensure that OAGi technology meets your organizations needs
  • Gain access to new technologies before others
  • The privilege to form, lead, vote and participate in Working Groups
  • Network with Industry Experts
  • Provide excellent learning opportunity for yourself and others
  • Show your leadership in Industry
Training and Services

Let us help you jump start your next OAGIS implementation. Visit our Training & Services page for more information and contact us and get started.


There's no shortage of enterprise businesses involved with OAGi today. Here are just a handful...