Design Guides and Best Practices Documentation

Years of collected resources, now available in one incredible library at your finger tips.

We have been working hard for the past few years collecting these tremendous contributions from our members and users of OAGIS.

The following items will not be listed here, and can be found at the following links


  OAGIS Release 10.X JSON Naming and Design Rules and REST API Design Guide

NEW! - The purpose of this guide is to define futher uses of the OAGIS data model to enable it to reach the cloud, mobile computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

  OAGIS Release 10.X Naming and Design Rules

Detailed document describing the rules all OAGIS 10.X conformant schemas must adhere to. This is literally the UN/CEFACT Naming and Design Guide Version 3.0.

  OAGIS Release 10.X Architecture Document

OAGIS Release 10.X Architecture Document included in the Enterprise Edition. The download contains both a PDF version and an HTML version.

OAGi Members can download this directly by logging in.

  OAGIS Release 10.1 Scenarios

This is the source from which we generate the HTML version of OUR OAGIS Release 10.1 Scenarios. They are in Visio UML format.

  Data Dictionary

This is a Data Dictionary for OAGIS Release 9.5.1 and it is in both Excel and .HTML format. This is free to members on the members website here and available for non-members by clicking to the request to the right.

  OAGIS Release 9.X Naming and Design Rules

Detailed document describing the rules all OAGIS conformant schemas must adhere to.

  OAGIS 8.X and 9.X Extensions Guide

Comprehensive guide to extending OAGIS. This is based on OAGIS 8.0, but the technique is very much for same as for OAGIS 9.X.

  Practical Guide to XML Schema

Guide to using XML Schema to ensure your schemas work with some of industries best known tools.

  OAGIS Release Cross Reference

OAGIS Noun cross reference from 7.X to 8.X to 9.X.

  OAGIS to RosettaNet, EDI X12 and EDIFIACT Cross Reference

Cross Reference at the Noun level.

  Get/Show Verb Best Practices

A position Paper describing how to program using the Get and Show Verbs in OAGIS.

  Confirm BOD Best Practices

Normative Guide for implementing the Confirm BOD.

  OAGIS Release 9.X BOD Architecture

Here is a document from our documentation describing the OAGIS Release 9.X BOD Architecture.

  OAGIS 8 Design Document

This is a terrific document describing OAGIS approach to remodeling the entire OAGIS Standard. It is very important if you want to understand the OAGIS internals.

  BizTalk developers guide for OAGIS

Official guide from Microsoft on how to implement OAGIS with BizTalk.

  OAGIS Release 9.4 Where Used

A spreadsheet donated by one of our power users.

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