April 2012 Outstanding Contributing Organization

The OAGi Recognition Program is focused on showing appreciation for the participation and contributions made by any participant of a member of OAGi and also overall contributions by any member organization.

Our many thanks to our April 2014 recipient of the Outstanding Contributing Organization award, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Engineering Laboratory, for your many contributions to the Open Applications Group.

  • NIST Joined OAGi in 2002
  • Hosted OAGi Meeting 11 years in a row including April 2012
  • Built and demonstrated a NIST Test Bed working with OAGi, AIAG, and several Solution Providers
  • Worked with OAGi and ATHENA Project from Europe
  • Did research with OWL to mediate the differences between dialects of OAGIS
  • Collaboration with OAGi and AIAG on a Product Data Management Working Group that produced the Engineering Work Document standard in OAGIS
  • NIST Schema and NDR Testing Tools
  • Facilitated a large STEP / OAGIS Harmonization Project across many standards organizations and was instrumental in writing the results report of that effort.
  • Facilitated OAGi participation in the NIST Ontology Summit