OAGi Anti-Trust Policy

Open Applications Group (OAGi) Anti-Trust Guidelines

As of January, 2017

A. Implementation of these guidelines

All OAGi members are bound by these guidelines as a result of their OAGi Membership. The guidelines apply to any gathering, function, meeting or virtual event sponsored or endorsed by OAGi.

At the opening of all formal meetings, the meeting leader will read the following statement:

“By participating in this meeting, you acknowledge that you and the company you represent accept the OAGi Anti-Trust Guidelines and the OAGi IPR Policy. Details of these policies and guidelines are available on the OAGi website at www.oagi.org.

B. Open Applications Group Anti-Trust Guidelines

The Open Applications Group is a not-for-profit consortium organized to promote enterprise and trading community business process interoperability. In pursuing that goal, it will encourage the creation or endorsement of one or more standards to assist organizations in achieving the necessary connectivity needed for multiple-source integration. OAGi however will not play any role in the competitive decisions of OAGi members or their industries or communities. It is the policy of OAGi and its membership to comply with all anti-trust and anti-competition laws and regulations worldwide.

OAGi members participating in OAGi activities may not have any discussion relating to product and market development, product pricing, services pricing, channels of product manufacture or distribution, any division of markets, or allocation of customers or any other topic that might be construed as restricting markets or trade in any way. OAGi members are responsible to see that topics which may give any appearance of an agreement that would violate anti-trust or anti-competition laws or regulations are not discussed at any time in any OAGi event.

It is each OAGi member’s responsibility to obtain appropriate legal counsel regarding any impacts of non-compliance with applicable anti-trust or anti-competition laws and regulations.


Several features of this document have been inspired by or adapted from the OASIS Antitrust Guidelines. The Open Applications Group gratefully acknowledges support received from OASIS in the design of our guidelines and is pleased to build upon the experience of OASIS in this area.


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