Wednesday, January 17, 2018
November 2014 OAGi Outstanding Contributor

Hi and welcome to our November 2014 OAGi Outstanding Contributor Recognition Page.

The OAGi Recognition Program is focused on showing appreciation for the participation and contributions made by any participant of a member of OAGi and also overall contributions by any member organization.

Our many thanks to our November 2014 recipient of the Outstanding Contributor award, Pat O'Connor, in appreciation for your many contributions to the Open Applications Group including your service on the OAGi Policy Board, contributions to many Working Groups, and your efforts at UN/CEFACT on behalf of OAGi.

2009 – Joined OAGi as an Infor Board Member

2009 thru Present – Lead the Infor Architecture Integration team to use OAGIS to build Infor Products.  Became known inside Infor as “The BOD Father”

2009 thru Present – Participation in many Working Groups, including

Participation in OAGIS 10.0 WG

Participation in OAGIS 10.1 WG

Participation in Virtual Business Object WG

Participation in Next Status Meeting

Participation in Common JSON Meeting

2009 thru Present - Contributions of several Nouns over the years, including InspectionOrder, QualitySpecification, and QualityTestMaster

2009 thru 2012 - Participation in UN/CEFACT 3.0 NDR and CCTS need for the next generation of OAGIS, OAGIS 10

2009 thru 2012 - Author of the UN/CEFACT Context effort from which OAGi members and Staff learned much by their participation

2009 thru Present - Continued proselytizing of OAGIS through to current times by pointing out Infor Customers and Infor work with OAGIS

2009 thru Present - Because of Infor use of OAGIS in their products, OAGi obtained members who are Infor’s distribution partners

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