Wednesday, January 17, 2018
November 2012 Outstanding Contributing Organizations

Hi and welcome to our November 2012 Outstanding Contributing Organizations Recognition Page.  Our thanks to all organizations that have contributed so much to the efforts on the OAGi Community.

Oracle Corporation

·         Founding Member of OAGi 1995
·         17 years continuous service on the OAGi Policy Board
·         Hosted OAGi Meeting 11 years in a row
·         Two persons served as Chair, total of 6 years
·         Five years service in Vice-Chair, Finance
·         Built OAGIS based product in 2007
·         Chair of ICXML Working Group
·         Chaired Location Working Group
·         Contribute OAGi Chief Architect
·         2000-2011.  OAGi Liaison to UN/CEFACT
·         Contributed to the OAGIS 9.X NDR
·         Proved invaluable to OAGi adoption of UN/CEFACT Core Components
·         Liaison to TC154, Liaison to UBL
·         2003-2005  OAGIS 9 Architecture Committee
·         Currently building new product using OAGIS

Cisco Systems

·         Joined OAGi in 2005
·         Served on OAGi Policy Board since 2005
·         Hosted an OAGi meeting in India in 2006
·         Served on OAGi High Tech council since 2007
·         Served on Architecture Council since 2007
·         Served on the High Tech Forecasting, Procure to Pay, and Logistics Working Groups
·         Chaired Party Working Group
·         Contributed three case studies, Canonical Model, Shipment Web Service, and Opportunities to Support Markets with Standards (Including a White Paper also)
·         Facilitated OASIS collaboration and AS4 Demo in November 2011
·         Co-Chair of Mobile, Cloud, JSON Working Group

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