Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hi and welcome to our November 2017 OAGi Outstanding Contributor Recognition Page.

The OAGi Recognition Program is focused on showing appreciation for the participation and contributions made by any member of OAGi.

Our many thanks to our April 2017 recipient of the Outstanding Contributor award, Scott Nieman from Land O'Lakes, in appreciation for your many contributions to the Open Applications Group.

- Joined OAGi in 2014

- Leads Quality Content Working Group

- Helped secure the Oracle contribution of Core EBOs

- Leads the AIA EBO Working Group

- Contributes to the Smart Manufacturing Working Group

- Coordinates AgGateway interactions with OAGi along with Jim Wilson their Standards Director and an OAGi Staff Member

- Contributes to the Semantic Working Group

- Contributes to the Mobile and JSON Working Group

- Provides member leadership and much energy

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