Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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OAGIS 10.2 Download

NOTE: OAGIS 10.2 Enterprise Edition now contains WSDL and JSON

Download the Briefing "The Business Value of the Enterprise Edition"  See the differences between the Standard Edition, Platform Edition, and Enterprise Editions of OAGIS.

OAGIS 10.2 is backwardly compatible with OAGIS Release 10.2.In addition to some defect removal, A summary of changes included in OAGIS 10.2 includes: 

Quality Content

Four new Nouns

·         Test Master

·         Test Specification

·         Inspection Order

·         Test Results

Two Changed Nouns

·         Item Certification of Analysis

·         Batch Certificate of Analysis

Components changes

Fields changed

Party Master changes

BPMN Version of Scenarios

Defect Removal

OAGIS Classroom Training and Professional Services

Did you know that OAGi provides hands-on training classes and other Professional Services to streamline and speed up your implementation of OAGIS?

We invite you to see all of our services here or write to us here and someone will be get back to you quickly.

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