Wednesday, January 17, 2018

David Connelly

David Connelly is CEO of the Open Applications Group. He joined OAGi as their Chief Technology Officer in 1996 and was elected CEO of the Open Applications Group in 1998.

David’s experience spans over 30 years in the software industry building, selling, and managing software and software projects. He has worked for end user organizations as well as software vendors so therefore has experience on both sides of the issue.

He often acts as an advisor to software companies and end user organizations.  He works closely with UN/CEFACT standards efforts and also currently sits as a Board of Advisor for the NIST Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory. David is a frequent speaker on eBusiness, Service Oriented Architecture, and Web Services at conferences world-wide.


Mike Rowell
Chief Architect, OAGi
Standards Strategist, Oracle Corporation

Mike works full time for Oracle as a Standards Strategy Architect and in that capacity serves at Chief Architect to OAGi on a part time loan basis. In his role as OAGi Chief Architect he is responsible for all of the Open Applications Group specifications. This includes oversight of all content and technical projects for updates and maintenance of the specifications.

Mike has a great depth of knowledge in software and standards architecture as well as project management. In addition to acting as Chief Architect for OAGi, he also serves as the Lead Editor of the UN/CEFACT Naming and Design Rules Working Group and Chair of the XML for Core Components Working Group.


Jim Wilson

Chemical Industry Architect, OAGi

Standards Director, AgGateway

Senior Consultant, KCX Inc.


Jim is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the Chem eStandards and also leading the efforts to ensure that the next generation version of OAGIS meets the needs of the Chemical Industry.


Jim Wilson has led international standards activities for over ten years. He founded AgXML, served as CIDX's Chief Architect, served as UN/CEFACT's Core Component Working Group Chair, and currently serves as AgGateway's Standards Director, and OAGi's Chemical Industry Council Architect.


Michelle Rascoe
Business Manager, OAGi

Michelle works part-time as the Business Manager for the Open Applications Group. She joined OAGi in 2000.

Michelle's background includes an Accounting Associate of Applied Science Degree. She has more than 12 years experience in this area. She is responsible for all the bookkeeping and accounting functions associated with the day to day operations of the company. This includes monthly financial reporting, processing membership and consulting payments, and assisting David Connelly with other tasks as needed.

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