Wednesday, January 17, 2018

About the Open Applications Group

The Open Applications Group is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit open standards development organization.

Founded in 1994, The Open Applications Group Inc. (the OAGi) is organized to promote business process interoperability for both inter & intra enterprise business processes and to encourage the creation of and/or create and endorse one or more standards to assist organizations in achieving connectivity and multiple-source integration of inter & intra enterprise business processes.

To this end we build and support many standards.

Our Management Principles

1.       Openness and transparency

2.       Document all business processes

3.       Pursue best practices whenever possible

Our Engagement Management Principles

1.    Engage collaboratively with industries and other standards groups

2.    Works towards convergence of standards

3.    Work towards collaboration when convergence is not possible

Our Standards and Technology Principles 

1.       Follow an Open Development Methodology

2.       Lead members to improve the standards technically and operationally

3.       Continue to innovate to improve solutions with best practices and new technologies

This page has links to our governance documents.   We welcome you to read them and ask us questions. Thank you.

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