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The Open Applications Group builds interoperability standards in a community where people from all industries come together in an Open Standards Environment to build what they and their organizations need. More here.

We invite you to join OAGi.  It provides you and your organization Compelling Business Value by enabling your entire organization access to the OAGi libraries as well as the community. Learn more.

OAGIS Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Platform Edition Announced

See the differences between Editions of OAGIS and also to see the Business Reasons for investing in the Enterprise Edition of OAGIS on our Resources and Downloads page.

The work of building and maintaining OAGIS costs money.  If you cannot join as a member, please make a donation of your choosing to ensure that the work continues.

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NEW - OAGi just announced an E2open using OAGIS video on YouTube here also OAGIS is on YouTube here.

NEW - We are excited to announce that OAGIS Release 10.1 is now generally available!  Go to our download page here.

NEW OAGi News for September 2014 now published here.

OAGi signs MoU with The HR Open Standards Consortium! Read more.

OAGi April Plenary Meeting Presentations Now Available! Our Plenary Meeting took place on April 16, 2014 in Gaithersburg, MD. hosted by the NIST. You can see and download the presentations here.

Our many thanks to our April 2014 recipient of the Outstanding Contributor award, Mike Rowell of Oracle for your many contributions to the Open Applications Group including your services as the OAGi Chief Architect.

OAGi Announces agreement with Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Society. Announcement here.

Free OAGIS JSON Expressions  - OAGIS Release 10.0 now contains JSON expressions. It is free for members in the Enterprise Edition.  Non-members can download two Free JSON instances here!

OAGIS Release 10.0 is now Generally Available!  Our Webinar Recording update is available for free now!  

Oracle and E2open announced support of OAGIS and a joint effort to use native BODs at our Plenary Meeting on November 29.  Download their presentations here.

OAGi enhances OAGIS for Mobile Business and Cloud Computing. Download our Position Paper here.

Ask a question to our CEO, David Connelly!  You can write to him here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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 Working Groups    

B2B Network Collaboration WG (new) - 

The Working Group Co-Chairs are Ian Hedges, E2open, and Satish Ramanathan, Oracle.

Scope: To build a Specification for Trading Partners to setup messaging interactions and exchange messages through a B2B service provider

Semantic Refinement WG

The Working Group Chair for the Semantic Refinement WG is Serm Kulvatunyou from NIST.  The goal of the Working Group is to advance semantic precision of interface definitions exposing OAGIS. 

It plans to do this by developing an RDMS design to support the OAGIS Data Model so that OAGi can better:

  • Allow for import of OAGIS developer schemas
  • Allow for precise content contextualization
  • Implement a prototype, open source tool, which in addition to above requirements:
  • Allow for export of OAGIS contextualized standalone schema
  • Allow for import of OAGIS contextualized standalone schema

Smart Manufacturing WG 

Virtual Business Object WG

Mobile, Cloud, JSON WG

Chem eStandards Maintenance WG

Quality Assurance Working Group

You can find more information on any of these here.

Also, if you are interested in joining any of these Working Groups, or in starting a new Working Group, please write to us here.XSD, javascript, XML, JSON, Cloud, Mobile, software, ERP, programming, javascript


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