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The Open Applications Group builds interoperability standards in a community of members where people of all industries come together in an Open Standards Environment

There are more reasons than ever to join OAGi!  Membership provides you and your organization with a compelling business value by enabling your entire organization access to all of the OAGi libraries and to the persons who form our community.  Learn more about the compelling value of OAGi membership here.

Download the Briefing "The Business Value of the Enterprise Edition"  See the differences between the Standard Edition, Platform Edition, and Enterprise Editions of OAGIS. you can download OAGIS here.

OAGIS JSON NDR and REST API Design Guide is now available on OAGi website

The purpose of this guide is to define futher uses of the OAGIS data model to enable it to reach the cloud, mobile computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  The OAGIS JSON NDR and REST Design Guide is available for download for all here

Newest Case Studies

Oracle Fusion Strategy - Adoption of OAGIS for Supply Chain Applications

Boeing Implementation Results - Full adoption of OAGIS

E2open and OAGIS in the Cloud - OAGIS as the E2open Platform

Land O'Lakes OAGIS Roadmap - Moving forward with OAGIS for XSD and JSON

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Register now for our April 2016 Plenary Meeting 

I am pleased to announce that we have dates for our Spring 2016 Plenary Session at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  We will be hosting our Plenary and Working Group meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, April 20 - 21, 2016.  

We will be having our updates from Working Groups, the business update, and customer stories.  It is a must attend event!
NIST will also host a session the two days before on April 18 - 19.  It has a working title of 'Smart Manufacturing & Cyber-Physical Production Systems Workshop'.

Some of the topics to be addressed will include (1) Smart Manufacturing model-driven standards development; (2) Standards capability analysis for Smart Manufacturing; and (3) Marketplaces for Smart Manufacturing services.

This will be a tremendous education and networking opportunity!   You can register here.

OAGIS Training - The OAGIS 10.X "How to do Extensions Video" is now available here.

We invite you to watch a short video on You Tube by our member, E2open on their use of OAGIS More here.

OAGi Announces agreement with Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Society. Announcement here.

OAGi enhances OAGIS for Mobile Business and Cloud Computing. Download our Position Paper here.

Ask a question to our CEO, David Connelly!  You can write to him here.  We look forward to hearing from you.g



 Working Groups    

Quality Content Working Group

The scope of the Quality Content Working Group is to create new OAGIS Nouns for quality and test related activities and integrations.  Integrations may be between a Product Lifecycle Management system and a Laboratory Information Management System, ERPs, and external Third Party Laboratories that perform testing services.  The following new Nouns we intend to publish in the next OAGIS release 10.2:

Test Master Test Specification Inspection Order Test Results

Changed Nouns include:

Item Certification of Analysis Batch Certificate of Analysis

The Working Group also identified the following Nouns we intend work on for a subsequent OAGIS release:



There is a a presentation update here.

Semantic Refinement WG

The Working Group Chair for the Semantic Refinement WG is Serm Kulvatunyou from NIST.  It plans to do this by developing an RDMS design to support the OAGIS Data Model so that OAGi can better:

  • Allow for import of OAGIS developer schemas
  • Allow for precise content contextualization
  • Implement a prototype, open source tool, which in addition to above requirements:
  • Allow for export of OAGIS contextualized standalone schema
  • Allow for import of OAGIS contextualized standalone schema

Smart Manufacturing WG 

Virtual Business Object WG

Mobile, Cloud, JSON WG

Chem eStandards Maintenance WG

Quality Assurance Working Group

You can find more information on any of these here.

Also, if you are interested in joining any of these Working Groups, or in starting a new Working Group, please write to us here.SD, javascript, XML, JSON, Cloud, Mobile, software, ERP, programming, javascript

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