Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Chem eStandards 5.4 highlights:

  • Implemented numerous additions and changes for the Japanese chemical industry to support transition from JPCA-BP EDI to Chem eStandards for supply chain operations involving trading houses. Changes are defined to address the following messages:
    • OrderCreate
    • OrderResponse
    • OrderChange
    • Invoice
    • InvoiceResponse
    • PaymentDetail
    • CustomerSpecificCatalogUpdate
  • Implemented numerous additions and changes to support the North American agriculture industry, including:
    • Several code list additions
    • Added three new micronutrients to support fertilizer tonnage reporting
    • Added support for additional ingredient information required for product blends
    • Added support for additional product information in the PriceAndAvailabilityResponse message
    • Added additional elements to InventoryActualUsage, including:
      • InventoryType (child of InventoryUsageInformation) with enumerated values: Agency, Committed, Consigned, Damaged, OwnedByReportingLocation, QuantityOnHand, Samples, Other
      • Batch/Lot# (child of InventoryLevel)
      • SpecialInstructions (child of InventoryUsageInformation and InventoryActualUsageProperties)
    • Addressed a few bugs (no impact on backwards compatibility; no impact on instance documents)
  • Produced strongly-typed WSDLs for various processes

Download XSD Schemas: (143k)
Published 2016-07-26

Download WSDLs: (13k)
Published 2017-08-10


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